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The F I L I A brand cultivates a deep respect for the legacy of our ancestors, appreciates handicrafts and the knowledge of craftsmen. We create handmade garments with motifs of Croatian folk ornaments used in a modern way. We follow trends and strive to design garments that will last for years. We produce smaller series from available fabrics. All garments for the summer of 2021 are made of linen. I am particularly proud of the pieces that are made of hand-woven linen by Radočaj family on a loom made of fibers produced in Croatia. Some of the garments made of homemade hand-woven linen are decorated with motifs which can be found on women’s traditional costumes from Posavina. Lace used in the decoration of garments is handmade. The mission of the F I L I A brand is to encourage handicrafts, research and promote the richness of Croatian folk ornament while combining the trends and needs of the modern woman. I find eternal beauty in the legacy of our ancestors which I try to implement into our brand’s contemporary creations.

We pay great attention to every garment; we want our clothes to fit perfectly and last a long time. Details are especially important to us, we pay special attention to handicrafts, lace, embroidery.
We want to work only with natural materials.
We want to create clothes that you will enjoy. To keep, to share and to pass on.

We care about sustainability and ecology. We use degradable fabrics and packaging.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.